Our latest clients – the key to great content is a proven copywriting process.

Great copy is no accident. Exceptional content begins long before we touch the keyboard. If you want outstanding content, our process will help you get it. It all begins with asking the right questions.

We have helped many clients using the same copywriting process. When we work with you, we will follow the same proven process.

Optimal copywriting begins with asking the right questions:

What is the big idea behind your product or service?

What makes your product unique? What is “really” different about your product?

What are the specifics of your product?

What are the benefits?

What does your product do for the customer?

What problem does it solve? Does it save money, time or material? Does it simplify a task?

How would you describe similar products on the market?

What are the pros and cons of similar products on the market?

Is there a unique story behind your company?

What industry award or recognition have you received?

What is the cost of your product or service?

Who is the customer? Is it business or consumer?

What are the biggest concerns and fears related to buying?

What are the objections? What are the reasons people would not want to buy your product?

Can you show social proof? Do you have a list of customer reviews and testimonials?

What are your goals for this content? Do you want leads, sales, downloads, sign-ups, etc.?

What is the call to action? How do you ask for the sale?

Where will the content live? Are you creating content for the web, print, social media, etc.?

Do you offer a free trial? Is there an introductory price? Is there a time limit? Is there a free report?

What is your budget to write the content?

What are the project deadlines? What is the project start date? On what date do you need the content published?

Do you offer any guarantees?

Are there any legal disclaimers to be included?

What can never be said? Are there words or statements that should never be made?

What else is important to you?

What Can We Write For You?
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